Transport in Sofia

The subway in Sofia is only a couple of years old and can only be used if you want to get from down town Sofia to Lulin, the further development of the subway will be finished in 2012 when it will have reached Mladost and Airport Sofia.
There are many train and bus lines in Sofia but they are often affected by the traffic in the capital.

Lines that are most likely important for tourists are:

– 84 (bus) Goes from Airport Sofia to Downtown if there is no traffic it would take you about 20 minutes to go from the Airport to the center of Sofia. Important stops – Pliska is a place where the majority bus lines stop.
-313, 413, 213 — All these buses go from the Central Train Station to Mladost. These buses stop at Pliska as well.

The cabs in Sofia.

Carefully choose your cab when arriving in Sofia – you might get a sting. There are many cabs, especially on the airport, that might try to charge higher price than normal for their service. What you must know is that in Sofia, each company uses different call numbers. These numbers are often written on the cabs themselves. One of the trusted cab companies has 973 21 21 as a phone number written on its cars. Another cab company that can be trusted uses 9 12 80 as a phone number. It is normal  to pay round 5 – 8 Euros from the Airport to the city center. And please be careful: “City Center” is the name of one of the city malls. So, specify your destination and don’t just tell the cab driver: “City center, please”.

Vesselin Vassilev


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