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Stuff Bulgarians Like: Dinner parties

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Each and every visitor in Bulgaria, who manages to make some friends here, finds it very fascinating how much Bulgarians love dinner parties. Actually, Bulgarians love not only dinner parties, but all kinds of parties that include eating and drinking.

They love them so much, that they prolong them for four to five hours…

You think I’m joking? Believe me, I’m not. the local custom of going “na gosty ” ( [na’gosti], means to visit) is very important and includes sitting around the table, eating, drinking, and most importantly, talking for several hours. If you are invited to a “na gosty” in somebody’s home, my advice is not to refuse: you will have a unique opportunity to meet different people and spend the evening in a nice atmosphere.

So, you go to the place and you are welcomed by the hosts. What to do next?

The only downside is that if you do not drink alcohol or you are vegetarian or vegan, you will find yourselves in a tough situation. The typical na gosty begins with sitting on the table and drinking the traditional rakya at the very beginning. This is a strong grape or plum brandy, which in small towns is most often homemade (because each family believes their homemade brandy is way better than the one you can buy in the stores). The brandy is served with different types of salads and pickles, but they are only appetizers. Not drinking and not participating in the frequent toasts is not acceptable, so if you want to fit in well, just be a man and sip. You might as well like it ;)

The meals that follow the rakya are abundant and tasty. Usually, there will be soup, lots of appetizers (salads, sliced meats and cheeses, nuts), meals and a dessert, all served with wine, sodas and other beverages. Your refusal to eat meat and will result in rather disturbing and uncomfortable glances from the hosts.

The emphasis on this initial booze boost at the beginning has a very simple explanation: it helps the conversation. Talking is the main reason people gather and basically that’s what they do the whole evening. This is not the typical small talk during dinner parties you are used to: people talk about a vast variety of things, sometimes quite passionately. Family, local and world politics, and of course soccer are most frequent though.

After the desert people continue to drink, eat appetizers and talk for a few more hours, which can easily turn in to “until sunrise”. If you manage to endure till the end people will recognize you as a real homeboy, but if you’re not feeling badass enough it is acceptable to leave anytime after the main meal )

Peter Stoykov


Reality Bites

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I had some time to kill and I was looking on the internet some clips from Music Idol 2. I saw the following clip and I got shocked! In this clip this Funky (never heard about him before) rejects a boy to sing, just because the boy have some kilos in +.I got shocked and honestly I am still shocked. Yes, it’s a freedom of expression, but should it be like this? And I didn’t hear this Funky comment on the musical skills of the boy, he didn’t even let the boy sing – he just said that the boy is too fat. So far I know, the show is called Music Idol, not Vision Idol, and is about the musical skills of people, not about how they look like. Should every girl be a big-legged ‘blondine’ with a lot of silicon and every boy – Brad Pitt? And is Music Idol about an Idol for the people or is it about an Idol for the jury? If the boy was rejected, just because he cannot sing, it’s okay. But the fact that they didn’t even give him a chance to show what he can and just ‘send him home’ because they didn’t like how he looks, I cannot accept.

Maybe this is only about the show (many can say this), but should this be the thing that is entertaining us? Making fun of other people? Where are the values in our society? Is everything in Bulgaria about ‘good-looking folk singers’ with no talent? What about the real people. Are all of us perfect shape? And what about those who are not? Should they just go and jump from somewhere just because they don’t conform to the norms of today’s society? What about Pavarotti and Aretha Franklin? Yes of course, I start to wonder how many in Bulgaria have, in fact, heard about them (I write heard not listen).

I just feel it’s not right that we should judge people by how they look like, not what talent they have. And this only shows me that in Bulgaria, it’s so many talented people that gets rejected just because they don’t have the looks. And the clear proof for this was showed on BTV and on a show that should encourage talented people to show themselves. And okay this boy was not a singer, but how many other, with a talent, has been ‘send home’ because of how they look? And how many of them, do get a courage to try again?  I am sure that there is people in Bulgaria that have the voices of angels, but not the looks. And it makes me sad that these people will maybe never be given the chance to show us what they can and makes us proud. And it makes me sad that we judge others of what is outside, not inside. And it makes me sad that in fact this entertains some of us. And it makes me sad that we accept people being treated like they are not worth the chance. And it makes me sad that BTV shows this. And it makes me sad that we accept this kind of jury and are just quiet. But what, the most, makes me sad is that there is actually so many talented people in Bulgaria, that we will never know about.
Some years ago, the World Music Idol was won by Kurt Nilsen. A simple man (a plumber I think), who doesn’t look like Brad Pitt, or a model from a fancy magazine. He just has a beautiful voice. I believe that this is the ‘mission’ of Music Idol and shows like this- to give a hope to people with a musical talent that they will be heard and valued for what they can and who they are, and not for how they look like!

And Music Idol Bulgaria? It seems that in our country everything is somehow getting distorted. Everything seems to be about money and show, and not about the real people and their talent. It’s not about helping talented people but making money showing the humiliation of people. And what is the most shocking for me is that some of us actually likes and accept this. I just don’t understand how people can enjoy a show like this. Why everything should be so distorted? Why we cannot be nice to each other, and stop judging each other by how we look like, or where we come from. Why we cannot appreciate what’s inside of us! Why do we let people humiliate others on the national television? Is Bulgaria only about fake ‘stars’?  What about the real people? What about us? What about me? I am not so degraded, I want to raise my voice and I want to say: ‘We are not sheep. Stop treating people like garbage!’

Preslava Hristova