Bulgaria is a small country. Actually, it is a very small country. We call a city of 500 000 inhabitants a “big” city :)) Yet, it is an unique place under the sky. You can find plenty of information about Bulgaria on the World Wide Web. Check Google and Wikipedia if you are intersted in Bulgarian history, geography, political life, climate, currency, tourism, economy, real estates e t.c. This blog is not about Bulgaria itself.

It is about living in Bulgaria from a Bulgarian point of view. It gives you an insiders’ s perspective that cannot be found anywhere else. Our team of writers are young and intelligent people who share personal and sometimes even intimate stories about the lifestyle from the inside. Their stories are very different form the stories told by foreigners who live in Bulgaria. Because they know better. Many of them have spent years abroad and they can tell the difference.

Prepare for an interesting journey. Prepare for a cultural shock. But first of all – enjoy!


2 Responses to “ABOUT”

  1. Силвия Says:

    In summer 2006 I had the pleasure of meeting one of the most interesting people in my life. I’d say who he was, and where you may find him, but I am about 100 % sure he doesn’t work where he used to work, and if I give out his home address it may not be quite fair, I guess.
    Anyway, if you happen to stumble around AC’s Taj Mahal, ask for Ron Fleming – if you find him, tell him Silviya said “hi”

    Anyway, to the point – on meeting him he asked me the regular question:
    “Where are you from? Poland”
    “No, I’m from a place you probably never heard of before”
    “Tell me”
    “Bulgaria. Do you know where it is?”
    “Yeah, I know! It’s a big country on the map”
    “You most certainly do not know where Bulgaria is, if you think it’s a big country. Actually, it’s a tiiiiiny country.”
    “No, it’s big! See, I’m from Ireland. It’s a dot on the map. Bulgaria is HUGE compared to Ireland”

    … Now Ireland is not a dot, compared to Bulgaria or at least I think so. But that’s what Ron thought about it. I have no idea why I share this story, but it’s probably because I agree that locals sometimes have a pretty crooked way of seeing their everyday life. And I guess that’s the only right way to look at a certain culture – to hear what its members whine and complain about. And what they consider worthy of being proud of – no matter if it actually is.

    Good luck with the stories, everyone – I sure will stop by from time to time and check which of them fit with my reality.

  2. bibomedia Says:


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